Opening files from chrome when in fluxbox.

Sep 21

Recently I switched back to using Fluxbox as my window manager and am loving it again. One issue I do have though is that google chrome wont open downloaded files in the programs I would like it to, instead it opens them in firefox, which then gives me a open with dialog. It seems that to find what programs should open which files Chrome hooks into a program called...

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Yet another new start.

Jul 17

Welcome to my new look website. While I know I keep trying to revive my website I think that this time may be a bit different (but please don’t quote me on that), recently I wrote an article for a friends website and found that I actually quite enjoyed writing about Linux again. I have decided a blog based website is definitely the way to go but I will also be...

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Lack of concentration

Feb 03

It seems these days that I have next to no concentration when doing things other than playing games, watching videos or TV. For a fair while I have been wanting to get back into my web development and design but always end up sitting down ready to re-learn what I need and then giving up in a few minutes. I have a inkling that what is making me lose concentration is...

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